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Whether you want to go on your first African wildlife safari, out for an adventure or beach relaxation, are planning your honeymoon or other special occasion – or a combination of several of these – we will create a unique, personalized itinerary suited to both you and your budget.

Your safari will be 100% tailor-made, designed to suit your personal interests as well as your budget. We do not take you on one of ‘our safaris’; instead you will be the one creating the perfect trip with the help of our safari specialists.

About Us


People & Culture Safari

Experience rich communities and cultures of East Africa which offers you an intimate interaction with local people. Sometimes the only way you can appreciate a society is by close interaction with its people.

Bird Watching

Birding in East Africa is one of the most relaxing activities. Over 1000 Bird species are found in East Africa and the beauty of it is that it can be done from multiple areas in Uganda and Tanzania.

Kilimanjaro Mountain Climbing

Tanzania’s land of hills, valleys and Volcano Mountains offers the most unforgettable hiking experiences that can be achieved from Mount Kilimanjaro National Park.


Murchison Falls National Park

The unique Experience in Murchison Falls National Park will go beyond your imagination. You will encounter the Murchison Falls, Various Wildlife, Multiple species of birds and their life, we welcome you to experience the wonders in this great Game reserve.

Serengeti National Park

The Name Serengeti means “Endless Plains” in the local Maasai Language. Its one of the world’s best known wildlife Sanctuary. Serengeti is very uniquely among other East African parks because it has no low season. It is always a “must see” and highly rewarding at any time of the year.

Zanzibar Beach

Zanzibar has become synonymous with beautiful white sand beaches and stunning coral reefs in crystal clear waters. Zanzibar is an archipelago which is a collection of many small and big individual islands. Unguja and Pemba are two of the largest island in the archipelago

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